The kindergarten

Puerto Crianza

PUERTO CRIANZA was created eigthteen years ago, and it began as the project of a family made up of professionals on the fields of both Education and Health. The creation of PUERTO CRIANZA was also the response to a very special demand from families living in a new and developing neighborhood..

Our offer is UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE, and it is supported by an educational project that gives true value to the very first years in the life of every child. We offer educational services that are directed at babies and toddlers between the ages of 45 days and 3 years old.


Puerto Crianza prepares its students for the process of admission into the school their parents have chosen for them. Also we facilitate the articulation with St. Catherine’s Moorlands School ( and the Asociación Escuelas Lincoln (

With regards to education in this country, and most particularly in the City of Buenos Aires, PUERTO CRIANZA is a well renowned official institution, supervised by the Ministry of Education, under Definite Registry Nr. 105.


Puerto Crianza, an institution with more than eigthteen years of experience in educational excellence.