the first years

The contribution of neuroscience to children’s education has given way to the type of Pedagogy that we have applied in PUERTO CRIANZA since the institution began to work.


We strongly believe that the very first years of our lives are the ones with the biggest potential in the life of every human being; and that is why we offer children the possibility to have access to meaningful types of learning opportunities that are built on the basis of both affective and ludic bonds.

Socialization within this context will allow our children to acquire an easier internalization of values and assimilation of rules and also the creation of an internal web that will support a very independent and social child.


Our offer has been carefully studied and planned for years, since we know that we can open the doors to new, constructive and more rewarding experiences, which will definitely encourage and trigger the development of social skills in every child, will generate more motivation to create, elaborate and incorporate new things in all kinds of fields, and will provide the child with new ways of exploring the world and incorporating new conclusions.