Music Time

The contact with music

The contact with music is an experience that works fantastically well at every age. In the earliest stages of life, working with the rhythm, the several intensities of sound, the singing and the usage of appropriate musical instruments always help create the basis of the approach the children will have towards music throughout their lives.

It also contributes to corporal awareness, coordination and, if combined with self-expression and creative movement, it triggers the exploration and appropriation of the space as well. 

Within the groups with the youngest children in our institution, these activities involve the incorporation of small musical instruments that have been specially designed for this area and are age-appropriate. In the case of the two and the three-year old children, there is also a workshop aimed at introducing one new musical instrument every week. 

The main objective here is to build a space for children to explore music, sound and movement through games, stories and songs, which will broaden their perception of different sounds, silence and feelings.

Recognizing the sounds that surround them in this wonderful exploratory stage in their lives will allow our children to develop and enhance their hearing skills, and it will encourage them to investigate more and to be able to differentiate the several types of musical expression all around us.

One more time, the contribution of neuroscience to children’s education and emotional state becomes the basis of our offer. Music favors the entire development of the child and has become an indispensable vehicle in the world of emotions.