english language

We are well aware of the fact that using the English language daily and as part of everyday activities that involve games and tasks is the best way of acquiring a second language. That is why our students are in touch with the English language since the very beginning, in the group called “Amarraditos,” which is the babies’ group. Songs, rhymes and the description of images in English are some of the tools we resort to and which become part of the regular games and activities in every class.

Once children reach the group called “Veleros en altamar” (three-year-old children), the exposition to the second language becomes even stronger, since they share their activities with a bilingual teacher. Said activities are always based on the interests of each group, and we are constantly encouraging the development of the talents and special skills in every child.

With that in mind, PUERTO CRIANZA is the first educational center for children between the ages of 0 to 3 to be enrolled in Anglia-Ascentis, the Latin American representative of Chichester College, a school in England; and we also count with the support of the British Council (the British Ministry of Education).

The 3-year-old children in our group “Veleros en Altamar” are awarded a written certification, which certifies the comprehension and expression skills in the English language that every child has acquired so far. Said certification is granted after the observation of a regular day at the kindergarten, an evaluation that is carried out by experts coming from Anglia-Ascentis.