Annual Celebration

In the months of October and November, we all gathered together to celebrate our Family Fest called “A Party to Play Together”.

With this new format, families were invited to come and share some activities with their children, activities that allowed kids to show everyone the achievements they have reached throughout the year.

A special space was created for them to interact and activate all of their senses. The kids and their families participated in exploration games, construction games, activities especially designed to trigger fine and gross motor skills, and also activities related to literature, dancing, improvising and physical theater. The children surprised their audience with some choreographies and stunning performances to the beat of the songs they have learned and worked on in class.

Of course we also said goodbye to the three-year-olds, who are now ready to leave this “port” and sail even further in 2019.

We want to thank all the families for their support and commitment and for joining us in each one of our institutional adventures!

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