Art Exhibition in our Neighborhood: Expo Fall Art at Lola Mora Restobar

Our art exhibition EXPO FALL ART by Puerto Crianzatook place at the Lola Mora Restaurantbetween the 17th and the 27th of April.

Families were able to see and enjoy the works of art that our students created to celebrate the arrival of Autumn.

The process was a very enriching experience for our children, since they got the chance to explore some natural elements that are so typical of this time of year, and they used those elements as tools to create their very own works of arts:they worked with twigs, feathers and flowers, which they used as brushes; and they also worked with leaves and seeds, which they used as stamps.The youngest ones played with autumnal colors on dactyl painting and leaf collages.

Photos showing the children in the making of these works of art were exhibited at the kindergarten’s hall for two weeks.

There will be more of Expo by Puerto Crianza at Lola Mora Restaurant coming soon!

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