Puerto crianza took part in an international conference (enter)

March, 2016, our educational advisor, Professor Celia María Pereira Rosa, was invited to give a lecture at the international conference called “Liderazgo y Calidad de la Educación” (Leadership and Quality in Education), which took place in Madrid, Spain, at Camilo José Cela University.

Her lecture was about the “Participatory Evaluation of Educational Institutions for Toddlers.”

We proudly share with you some photos of the event.

The conferences are a chance to reflect on the “leadership and quality in education” within the territory of the European Union, Latin America and the United States. These conferences are especially addressed to headmasters, board directors, professors, other professionals and university students who intervene now, or will intervene in the future, in areas related to leadership and quality in education, and also to those people, teams and entities that are now working on or supporting these areas as well.

Special attention is taken to the debate about the general situation and the peculiar aspects of how educational institutions are working today and how educational leadership is being carried out in European countries and within other contexts, too, especially in the western world.


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