Play in the square!

With great joy, on September 4th Puerto Crianza invited children from the neighborhood to play in the square! The proposal was focused on little children from one to four years old to come and share free activities outdoors. We think that it is important for children of this age range, who receive few proposals in Puerto Madero, to have the opportunity to experience some recreational activities, getting in touch with nature and enjoying the spring weather that starts to join us. We began the afternoon with songs for circle time, accompanied by musical instruments, and then we had a lot of funexploring different textures and using funnels, shovels, colanders, and jars. It was really nice to see how children, who did not know each other, were able to socialize and be outdoors sharing games with their families and the kindergarten of their neighborhood. If you want to find out more about our proposals and/or receive information about our kindergarten, please send us your email to and you will receive our newsletters.


The yearly event that gathers together our former students was held on June 2 this year, and everyone working in Puerto Crianza got the chance to reunite with the families of those children who have already said goodbye to our institution. It was a very moving experience in which we revived unforgettable moments and shared photos that have immortalized their journey with us from the earliest stages and up to theirgraduation days, too. All grown-ups participated in games and shared this very special and unique day with their little ones. Plus, the graduate students from 2017 were awarded their Anglia ESOL Examinations diplomas. To all the families who join us in this event every year, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


This year, Puerto Crianza is celebrating 15 years of serving our community. In order to acknowledge such a long and successful journey, we shared a beautiful meal with many of the families who have walked with us along these years. It was a very special moment full of wonderful anecdotes and memories from our time together. Parents, students and former students helped us blow 15 candles out, fifteen candles that represent our constant commitment to all the families and children out there and to the trust they have put into our daily work. A big Thank You goes out to all the parents and children!

Art Exhibition in our Neighborhood: Expo Fall Art at Lola Mora Restobar

Our art exhibition EXPO FALL ART by Puerto Crianzatook place at the Lola Mora Restaurantbetween the 17th and the 27th of April. Families were able to see and enjoy the works of art that our students created to celebrate the arrival of Autumn. The process was a very enriching experience for our children, since they got the chance to explore some natural elements that are so typical of this time of year, and they used those elements as tools to create their very own works of arts:they worked with twigs, feathers and flowers, which they used as brushes; and they also worked with leaves and seeds, which they used as stamps.The youngest ones played with autumnal colors on dactyl painting and leaf collages. Photos showing the children in the making of these works of art were exhibited at the kindergarten’s hall for two weeks. There will be more of Expo by Puerto Crianza at Lola Mora Restaurant coming soon!


We know how important these people are in the life of every child, so we decided to celebrate… GRANDPARENTS’ DAY! On April 19th, children invited their grandparents to join us in an outdoor event. We sang, and we danced, and we played with “parachutes” and colorful balls. Then there was a rain of autumn leaves sponsored by our wonderful trees, and the kids and their very special guests used those leaves to create an autumnal collage together. The day was full of joy and enthusiasm. We appreciate the collaboration of all the families, especially those grandparents who joined us and took part in all the activities we had planned for them. At the end of the day, the children gave their grandparents customized cards with a very significant motto: “Grandparents are the magicians that give life to wonderful memories in the minds of their grandchildren.”

In recognition of our pedagogical work on bilingualism

We wish to share with you the message that we received from the authorities of Anglia-Ascentis. Dearest Colleague: We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you, your teachers, and your pupilson the excellent results in the examination. We really look forward to seeing your pupils among our candidates again! Please confirm having received this email. Thank you very much. Best regards, Monica Blanco-Kunz AngliaESOLExaminations CEO


On October 7, our annual celebration “Regata Puerto Crianza 2017” took place at the auditorium of the Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires. All the families that are part of our community joined us and our students in a display of activities that showed everyone the objectives we have been working on throughout the year: The “Hide and Seek” game with geometrical figures with the two-year-olds, the shadow theater play with the three-year-olds, and also the guitar ensemble and watching the oldest kids interact with the babies were the icing on the cake on a day full of joy and emotion.


Last Saturday, September 9th , we celebrated our “Sixth Reunion of Puerto Crianza’s Graduates”. It was a very special moment for all of us, since we got to see many of the children that grew, played and learned in our classrooms when they were just babies. It is always very exciting and moving to see how much they have grown up and changed and also to be able to talk to them and their families and feel that there is still that bond that links us, a bond made of love, shared experiences and unforgettable memories. So once again, thank you all so very much!

Annual Celebration: REGATTA AT PUERTO CRIANZA 2016 (ENTER)

After having “sailed” at Puerto Crianza for a whole year, we threw a big party that we called “Regatta at Puerto Crianza 2016,” in which we celebrated the end of the year with our students and their families. After an entire year full of lessons and great experiences, children painted on fabrics, they took part in a guitar workshop and hid behind colorful fabrics as they followed their teachers’ instructions. They also proved those physical skills they have been working on at the Sports Days, among other activities. Then the special moment for the oldest students of the institution came: our Little Graduates were awarded their medals and diplomas! It was definitely a day full of emotions and tons of fun! And we want to thank everyone for having been part of it and having come to celebrate with us!


Every year, July is the month for our ANNUAL MEETING OF GRADUATE STUDENTS, when we get reunited with those kids who graduated from our kindergarten in the past few years. And it is always a very emotional and fun event! Kids absolutely loved and enjoyed dressing up and wearing artistic make-up, carrying out a treasure hunt and dancing to the strains of some fun music and a shower of bubbles. And parents… They had a great time, too, while exchanging and sharing experiences among them and the staff of Puerto Crianza. It was a lovely day to remember!!